Empowering business through technology

Your computer system is the lifeblood of your business. But like any healthy body your computer network must be performing at its best, supported by the latest software and of course, virus free. CNI Group is an IT company you can rely on. A company that specialises in Macs, understands your network and works on preventing problems instead of just fixing them.

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Network Integration

Mac and Windows Network Solutions

Whether you are wanting to create a wireless network using airport extreme, connect tow Windows from a Mac or a Mac from Windows, connect to a Windows or Mac server, share printers and so much more – CNI Group can design, integrate and manage a solution for your business.

Easier than ever before – Nowadays it is easier than ever before to integrate different operational systems with the Mac Mini Server which can support Mac, Windows and Linux platforms.

Getting to first base - Before you can enjoy the benefits of using three operating systems on the same network you need to update all of your software, check your processor rating and available Ram, tweak sharepoints or sharing settings and ensure you have good cabling and quality switches. CNI Group can assist you with all of this as part of your network planning and integration.